Spare Soles® Metro Line Black Wallet

Spare Soles® Metro Line Black Wallet

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-Wallet for i.d. and favorite cards
-Deep pockets for extra security
-Extra Storage Pocket for money, glam items, or used metro shoes
Metro Spare Soles are foldable, take-anywhere shoes that come housed in a wristlet that turns into a spare tote bag. They provide a solution to the modern woman that wants to wear high heels, yet suffers in doing so.
Metro Spare Soles have a fashionable and flexible back. They have a waterproof and skid resistant sole that is durable enough for all day walking. Buy a pair for your commute. Comes with a 6 x 5 wristlet that unzips and turns into a fashionable tote bag for your uncomfortable shoes.
Available in four sizes and assorted colors. Weighs only 6 ozs- the perfect purse companion or carry your emergency shoes in the handy Spare Soles wristlet.

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